Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Identity - UID and India!

Who doesn't want an identity? Each one of us wants to be identified, acknowledged and differentiated. Think about it - be it our work, be it our house or be it our clothes, we want to be different, we want to be unique, we want to have an identity!

People from all strata, from all parts of the society have an identity in various forms. The more privileged people like you and me have identities in various forms like an identity at work, in our social circles, an identity via which various services get delivered to us, an identity via which various avenues open for us. Think about it, right from the time you are born - you get an identity in the form of a birth certificate, you enter school via an identity - be it in the form of your family name, birth certificate or something else (well the extent of commercialization in education sector in India today, I would not be surprised!)

For the lesser privileged people as well there is an identity in their own small circle - be it the orphans on the street or the other under-privileged folks, everyone has and needs an identity in their social circles. Unfortunately the identity of these people is restricted only to a very very small community which essentially cuts all their avenues to opportunity.

Enter Mr Nandan Nilekani and his experienced team of technologists and bureaucrats who have managed to pull together an incredible feat of setting up the WORLD'S LARGEST BIOMETRICS DATABASE! The uniqueness of this central database is not only that it provides unique identification for one and all in India, but is also meant to be inclusive and social unlike that of the other western countries.

This blog is dedicated to the cause of Aadhaar. I have been actively following the Aadhaar initiative for a while now, and I must say that it has invoked a lot of emotions in me. I am proud to see such a 'unique' system being set up where the corporate world is marrying into the govt system, and coming together to create a new India!

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